elizabeth lasure

My current series, Topography, has developed over the past year and a half.  What began as a series of ‘landscapes’ and ‘horizons’ has evolved into vessels that mimic the history and texture of the surface of the earth.

I began working in clay because it demands my attention both mentally and physically. I use porcelain because of its soft, translucent qualities. Like the natural world, I see the clay body and the forms I create as both changing and solid. After throwing the vessels on the wheel, I carve each line to reveal the soft, slow movements of the natural world. I use an English Porcelain clay body, fired to cone 6.

-elizabeth Lasure


Greenhill Gallery: Winter Show 2014. Greensboro, NC.

Hart Witzen Gallery: Showdown. December 2015.  Charlotte, NC

Elder Gallery: Carolina’s Got Art July 2015.  Charlotte NC

Gail Peacock CMS Art Teacher in Residence at the McColl Center for Art and Innovation, January 2014. Charlotte NC


Elder Gallery1520 S Tryon St, Charlotte, NC 28203